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Message  old chouff le Mar 12 Oct 2010, 17:04

what ABC will do for BASTOGNE 2010 :

the TF jumpers with Hubert will stay in a "gite" and get ready for the jump(s) and have fun, while reenactors will have such a different programm :

- we will arrive on friday morning at Recogne
- start to set up the whole village at 1944 time
- we will have our meeting with JM in the afternoon with the others
- jump on saturday morning, get back to village to practice/reenact in the afternoon (no packing for us)
- spend the night overthere (we wont go at the gite with the other jumpers) we will sleep in the straw in a stable the whole weekend, with guard duties, night patrols etc...
- we will have a fighting show from 10 to 12 on sunday (with a scenario)
LJT will jump on Recogne after lunch!!???
- the costs are 28€ (including sat-sun-breakfasts, and fri-sat-dinners + sundays soup) to be part of the event,
and 120€ for a blankfiregun + 50 rounds (this si not compulsory)
you will have to let me know about it (which one you would like to get?)

our unit is 463r pFAB, so no markings and artillerie garrison cap (if any)
M43 "airborne" suit, no modern gears or cloths required


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