ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014

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ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014 Empty ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014

Message  John-FAAA le Mar 25 Fév 2014, 19:41


I'd like to share the plans of the FAAA in normandy in june so hopefully we can coordinate and organise what we are going to do this year.

A basic outline of our plans is as follows:

We arrive in normandy june 4th

The afternoon of the 5th we've been asked to do an honour guard in ravenoville

6th, dz party for jumps

We are then free untill the 10th where we start our preparation for our involvment in the 2nd infantry memorial. (Any ABC members with the time off after your deployment ends are more than welcome to tag along with FAAA to this event)

We have 5 confirmed with 2 more possible in attendance.

We'll be bringing a dodge weapons carrier and a jeep, a pyramid tent and a small wall.

Where can we fit in to ABC's current plans? And what do you have planned for your trip?

Execs Team

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Private First Class

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ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014 Empty Re: ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014

Message  old chouff le Mer 26 Fév 2014, 00:58


we do have few issues about Normandy at this time
but i will be fixed in the next few days, and you will be of course welcome to join us as soon as i know where we will stay

ABC & FAAA Normandy 2014 Airbor13

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